Winter in Canada

Traveling during winter can be a daunting experience, since the piles of snow and whipping wind can limit your movements. Canada can be particularly cold, with temperatures sometimes dropping below -40-degrees Celsius. Different provinces in Canada record varying temperatures, so you may not be surprised when you notice that it gets colder in some territories.

However, this should not stop you from traversing this beautiful North American country. To help you with your Northern excursion, this article lists the items you need when you pack for a trip up north.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Pack a quality jacket and a few good sweaters, because you need to cover up in layers. You may need to wear three or even four layers at once during your trip, depending on the temperature. Jackets are good because they retain heat in your body.

Carry comfortable sweatshirts and base layer items, especially those made from merino wool. While a lot of merino clothing on the market is geared towards runners and athletes, you can find certain brands, like Unbound Merino that make stylish stuff for traveling. Their socks, underwear, tees and sweatshirts are all favourites on travel blogs and forums. These are clothes designed for travellers by travellers – check them out if you can.

A Pair of Gloves and Mittens

Gloves are good during winter, but mittens are better, as they keep you warmer and are smoother and more comfortable on your hands. Having said that, though, if texting is a priority for you, they do make gloves whose fingertips allow you to type on a smartphone – check them out here.

Long Pants

Carry a comfortable pair of trousers, especially if you plan on going for skiing and ice-skating. Jeans are not usually recommended, as the fabric may not be appropriate for the weather, but check the temperature ahead of time – you might be able to get away with it. Whatever pants you bring, consider also bringing thermal underwear; it can be a real godsend.

Pairs of Socks

Pack several pairs of warm socks before going for your trip. As mentioned, merino wool works best, because of its superior insulating and breathability. They’re also incredibly cozy, which – let’s face it – is a key criterion for any sock. Add in a couple of toques because you need the warmth. These woolly hats will cover your ears and part of your face as you enjoy the breathtaking, natural, all-Canadian views.

Winter Boots

Boots are mandatory if you are traveling up north. Canadian winter requires that you cover your entire body, and boots are the perfect shoes for your trip. The boots do not have to be fancy; just a pair of footwear that will keep the cold at bay as you travel through the country. Blundstone boots make a stylish winter boot, albeit pricey.
A trip up north during winter means that you need to thoroughly prepare for the cold and snowy weather. With these few items, and some shrewd choices in toiletries (ahem, chap stick), your trip to the Great White North will be a complete success, eh?