Once in a while, sexual partners like to swap their spouses. This kind of comportment is called swinging, and it has become popular among the young generation. Most young couples, whether married or dating, have grown fonder of swinging in the recent years.

What you should know before swinging

Swingers are not supposed to incur any aftermath feelings or emotions after the act. Despite the hype of having multiple partners, it may come with some serious consequences such as jealousy, developing interest and liking towards another person who could lead to fights and even break ups.

Therefore, there should be a certain level of maturity and understanding for a perfect swinging. Hence the need for rules and boundaries before the deed. This will ensure the relationship between the couple is sustained or even improved rather than jeopardizing it.

Couples who have a higher chance of benefiting from swinging are;

  • Spouses who have a healthy relationship with one another.
  • Couples who are fully committed to participating.

During swinging, the couple should be on the same page to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm one party. When partners agree to swing, it can be very beneficial at both the individual scale and to the relationship at large.

So, why has swinging become very popular with the younger generations

  1. Many young people fear relationship commitments because they fear it will lock them out of sexual pleasure from outside and limit them to one partner. So with swinging one is able to enjoy the benefits of being in a relationship and at the same time explore sexually with other partners.
  2. Youngsters are very adventurous and may practice swinging as a way of exploring their sexuality. Being with another person other than your partner, sharing, or even watching can be very exciting.
  3. The young generation is swayed by trends – with the current surge of swinging clubs and parties. More and more young people are being introduced to swinging.
  4. The young generation is very conversant with social media and this exposes them to a lot of information. They get to know about swinging and can even network through dating sites and the various social media platforms.
  5. Society has become more passive and allowing. There is less condemnation and opposition to young people taking charge of their sexuality.
  6. The swinger’s lifestyle is very enticing because it offers more sex and with different people. Making it even more popular in the younger generation.
  7. Strengthens young relationships by opening up communication where the two can openly discuss their sexuality and share their experiences. The secret also brings the couple because it is something they practice without necessarily letting uninvolved persons know.
  8. Cuts the chase when it comes to getting laid. For swingers they do not need to foster a romantic relationship with other people instead they just come to an agreement and allow their partners to be with another person for pleasure no strings attached.
  9. Swinging eliminates fights and pressure to perform in the bedroom because you are able to get what is lacking with your partner from another. With less fights and pressure young couples can have a swifter relationship.
  10. The current generation of Liberal youngsters don’t feel shy to go after their own sexual pleasure. In this case swinging offers more satisfaction because of multiple partners and they get to try out new things in bed such as sex positions.


Swinging is a more exciting and less limiting kind of lifestyle. However, apart from the fact that the young generation is open to new ideas and practices, swinging has proven to be a useful technique of offering sexual satisfaction to both parties. If you and your spouse want to take your sexual desires a notch higher, you should be bold enough to per take on the idea, but you should be careful not to let insecurities come in the way.