If you’re looking to order apparel customized with a company or school name, town name, slogan, sport, charity, funny design, artistic design, etc., then you have a simple choice to make: how do you want your apparel to be printed?

The fabric of these items can be customized with one of two main methods – silk screen printing services or digital printing – both of which are popular on cotton materials for custom t shirts in Toronto (though the former, silk screening, can be used on polyester, Teflon, and nylon as well). Let’s look at both printing methods and see which is best.

The Digital Printing Method

The digital printing method is a newer process than screen printing. When the digital printing method is used, your design is processed by a computer, after which the design is then printed directly onto your product’s surface.

The Screen Printing Method

The screen printing method creates a superior image in various colors. A screen printing begins with the creation of a stencil, called a “screen”, by printers, at which point a stencil is made for each different color of your design. Each color is then applied in a layer using its stencil one at a time. The final look is achieved when all color layers have been applied. It is not only the most popular form of printing but, on balance, it’s also the better way to create custom apparel.

Why Screen Printing Is Better

• Screen printing is better because it allows for more creativity. Even the smallest of details can be brought out with this method, and your design’s image does not get distorted.
• Screen printing is better because it can be used on a wide range of items: textiles, wood, electronics, signs, printable fabrics and more.
• Screen printing is better because it is more affordable. If a company is ordering a huge quantity of an item, this method can offer the most affordable rate. If a company is looking to invest less and get the most out of their advertising and marketing, this method is considered better.
• Screen printing has a better print quality, as there is no possibility to pixilation.
• The inks used with screen printing are extremely durable and the colors are very vivid. The inks of screen printing include a huge assortment of colors, and are applied thicker, creating brighter and longer-lasting colors.
• There are no limitations on the nature and thickness of the materials being printed on.
• Since screen printing is done by hand, it allows for a more human and unique approach.
• A high level of vibrancy is produced by screen printing, which is especially effective on dark shirts.

Clearly, if quality and artistic creativity are important for your products, the screen printing method is the best one for you. Also, if the versatility of your products’ surfaces is equally important to you, you should certainly consider using the screen printing method. While they both might have their place, the winner here is clearly silk screen.