Marijuana Strains

The world of cannabis in today’s world compares to the craft beer industry. More and more craft beers come onto the market each week, and the same goes for weed. More strains are being offered and experimented with by the day. So how do you know which one to try out? This question is especially valid in Canada, where recreational weed is now legal throughout the nation.

Canadians can even explore online weed dispensaries and purchase their cannabis with just a few clicks of the mouse. Each dispensary offers a wide range of strains and grades; the options can seem overwhelming, especially to a brand new cannabis user. If you need a hand in choosing which strain to try next, check out the 7 most popular weed strains among Canadians.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a popular hybrid strain that you can find at just about any dispensary. It is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, two strains that can help with a variety of medical ailments. The result of crossing these two strains leaves you with nothing short of perfection.

GSC typically tests around 21% THC and can help treat chronic pain. Not only does it have medical benefits, it is the perfect strain if you want to chill and unwind. A joint of this will create a happy relaxed high that will melt you to the couch. Once you test it out, you’ll see exactly why Girl Scout Cookies has won several Cannabis Cup awards.

Purple Kush

Have you perused through a weed dispensary and come across a nice purpley batch of bud? Chances are that strain was Purple Kush. This pure indica strain has blissful euphoric effects and dark purple hues when grown properly. It has the potential to alleviate pain and stress, and it tends to relax the mind and body completely. Try it out if you’re suffering from anxiety and insomnia as well.

White Widow

White Widow is a balanced hybrid, so you’ll experience both sativa and indica effects. You’ll first feel a wave of energy take over and might even feel more creative and productive than normal. This phase eventually passes into a more sedated state of mind and body, perfect for those much-needed times of relaxation.

In addition to being able to legally purchase weed, Canadians in almost every province can grow up to four recreational plants. If you’re interested in growing, consider starting out with White Widow. It is relatively easy to grow with a short flowering time. Your plants could be ready to harvest between 7 and 9 weeks.

Pineapple Express

Even if you have never smoked weed once in your life, chances are you’ve heard of Pineapple Express. Thanks to the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy about the illicit substance, Pineapple Express has become a household name. It was relatively unknown before the film hit the big screen, but now it is appreciated for its overpowering effects and yummy flavors.

Taking a whiff of Pineapple Express will immediately transport you to a tropical island. You’ll smell aromas of mango and apple and taste a combination of pineapple and pine. So many Canadian online dispensaries have this strain on hand, but some of the best is at Cannabismo. Customers who has left a Cannabismo review mention the energetic buzz left by this sativa-dominant strain.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer has been around since the 90’s when it originated in Amsterdam, but people are starting to truly appreciate it. The Dutch even started selling it in pharmacies as a medical-grade strain; it can help with stress, depression, pain, and nausea. Its strong genetics (Northern Lights #5 x Haze x Shiva Skunk) leave you feeling energetic, and even more chatty in social settings.

OG Kush

Nobody knows exactly how OG Kush originated, but everyone is aware of its powerful high effects. It first came to the Cali weed scene in 1995 and quickly became a crowd favorite. It has the ability to chill out even the most stressed individuals. This strain is also ideal for treating depression and anxiety disorders.

Although most people love smoking it, OG Kush is not the ideal plant for growing. When grown under the perfect conditions each bud has a nice sticky resin, but it is a more difficult strain to grow. No worries though, you can find OG Kush at just about every online dispensary or retail cannabis shop in Canada.

Green Crack

If you’re searching for a focused and energized high, look no further. Green Crack is an indica-dominant hybrid that most people enjoy for the mentally invigorating effects. Feel free to smoke this one at any time of day; it tends to increase productivity and can even battle fatigue. Hoping to start growing your own plants? Look for green crack seeds. Its ease of growth, decent yield, and short flowering period makes it perfect for new growers.