Gambling- Betway

Betway is a name that has been in online gambling for over a decade. Coming from humble beginnings, it has grown to be one of the world’s biggest powerhouses when it comes to online casinos. A wide selection of games, excellent support among many countries, and even amazing deals for newcomers. It’s a funhouse where the fun never stops, and a place that could easily become your new online home.

Online Betting

One of the finest things about Betway is that it’s connected with over ten thousand betting markets, on which you can bet on just about anything. ESPN, horse racing, video games, all types of sports, to name a few. The betting portal is sleek too, and it’s aimed towards its users, so newcomers will feel right at home just after a couple of clicks. There is even live betting too, and plenty of bonuses, so make sure to follow Betway Africa to always be in the know. There’s all sorts of promotions going on all the time.

One of the best at Poker

Newcomers to online poker always suffer from not having enough players to compete against. Some feel like that’s part of the experience, but with Betway you’ll never feel like there’s no one to play against. It ranks in the top 10 worldwide poker networks, and it has just enough traffic that there’s always someone playing, but the tournaments never feel overwhelming. The user interface is sleek, so newcomers will not have any problems with learning the ins and outs within moments.


Betway is considered one of the most reputable online betting institutions in the world. Its track record is flawless, and it’s a type of institution that has a very progressive jackpot. In fact, it’s responsible for the largest online jackpot in the world, and it even holds a Guinness World Record from 2015.

Excellent Game Selection

Considering Betway’s track record, the game selection is just as amazing as everything else. It’s not only that the collection itself that’s great, but the fact that it’s so nicely organized and aesthetically pleasing too. There are plenty of different variations on roulette, blackjack, live dealer games, and card games. The slot machines are quite diverse too, and they’re all top notch. Not a single one feels like a knock-off on anything else, which is admirable considering there are many of them.

Plenty of payment methods available

One of the biggest problems for any online casino is the fact that depositing and withdrawing money can be a real hassle. However, with Betway almost all of those problems have been eliminated, so you can freely expect for the entire payment process to fully streamlined. Debit cards, e-wallets, and online banking methods are accepted, so no newcomer is going to have any problem when it comes to payment methods.

With hundreds of games, several payment methods, and a multitude of bonuses, Betway is one amazing online betting institution. It has just the right amount of players, and the prize pools are significant, so you can expect to have a fantastic experience.