Over 175 million Americans visit retailers online and onsite during the shopping fest that begins with Black Friday. This is a time of the year you either really love–or you really hate. If you love Black Friday, you may want to look for great bargains. If you loathe Black Friday, you may want to stay in your pajamas and shop from home. Luckily for you, we have some great gift ideas that will appeal to you no matter how you feel about Black Friday. Here’s our take on the top three gift ideas for skincare that will leave the recipients feeling very merry indeed. 

First, Give the Gift of New Skin

Of course, you can’t gift someone new skin–that’s impossible. However, you can give someone a 0.5 derma roller. Derma rollers use dozens of tiny thin needles to create tighter, firmer, newer-looking skin. Derma rollers allow you to roll them over your face, neck, and lips. The needles create tiny holes in your skin. Your body rushes collagen and elastin to your perceived injury, which works to renew your face. What a great gift for someone with mature skin who wants to keep her skin as wonderfully young as possible. 

Derma rollers aren’t just for mature skin. They are also for young skin. That’s because derma rollers can help people get rid of imperfections in their face. These imperfections might include acne scars, or scars from an injury or an accident. Derma rollers can make scars less noticeable.

Second, What about Serums?

Serums are an amazing way to help someone you love make their skin look better. In terms of great serums, one of the best is vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is an amazing vitamin. It is able to repair and restore skin. Vitamin C serum can relieve irritated skin, or skin that has been chapped due to the winter chill. This magical serum also makes age spots appear smaller. It can be used for those dark circles under the eyes that we all seem to have this semester. Vitamin C serum is one of the best skin brighteners out there, which means that everyone on your list can use this serum to make their skin appear bright and refreshed, even during the darkest winter day. 

Third, Try a Skincare Box

If you are stuck for a gift idea, and you are not sure which way to go, we’d like to recommend a custom-built skincare box for that special someone in your life. We will be happy to build you a skincare box based on your recipient’s skin care needs and age. The box can be as inexpensive or as luxurious as you want. Best of all, you can build a skincare box for that hard-to-please person without ever leaving your couch while you sit in your pajamas and binge-watch Mrs. Maisel. Your gift couldn’t be more perfect, and you’ll get all the credit without doing any of the work. 

While you’re picking out skincare gifts for your family and friends, why not pick up something for yourself as well? That way, you won’t be the only one at the New Year’s Eve party without the glow of good skincare!