There’s nothing quite like packing up your backpack or suitcase, boarding a plane, and jetting off to the other side of the world for the adventure of a lifetime. Especially for all you Great White Northerners, a trip to a tropical paradise during the long Canadian winter is a must. One of the best areas of the world for escaping the cold long winter months is Southeast Asia. 

Just imagine lying on the beaches of Thailand or diving in the warm waters of Indonesia while all of your friends back home are bundling up for their commute to work. Sounds nice, right? Maybe you’re already browsing flights as we speak. Booking transportation is the first step in any travel excursion, so get started right now. 

But try not to book only the transportation to get you to your destination, but also book the transportation you’ll need while in your destination. It’s always a good idea to arrive prepared when traveling to a foreign country, but for some reason, booking in-country transportation tends to slip travelers’ minds. 

There’s is one site and one site only that you should focus on when searching for travel transportation: Bookaway. Sure, Skyscanner and GoogleFlights is great for making your way across the world. But for an easy way to book ground and sea transportation tickets online in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, Bookaway is the only way to go – and here’s why. 

Bookaway Values Transparent Pricing

When you visit the Bookaway site, you’ll see a list of the main beliefs held by the company, including: 

  • Great 24/7 customer support
  • Ability for flexible bookings
  • Ease of use with desktop and mobile browsers
  • A fair and transparent pricing model

That last point is one of the main reasons that customers keep coming back to Bookaway. Unlike other booking sites that tack on extra fees, taxes, and charges during checkout, Bookaway does not. The company believes that the first price you see when browsing for a train or boat ride is the price that you should be required to pay. 

As you check out for your Bookaway booking, you’ll never see added costs due to “government taxes” or “cost of fuel”. All of that is already factored in to the prices you see as you browse. With Bookaway, what you see is what you get. 

Comfort (and Luxury) Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

A huge deterrent that keeps people from traveling is the idea that everything will cost a pretty penny. This might be true in certain areas of the world, but it certainly isn’t true during a trip to Southeast Asia. Bookaway operates in 30 countries, but their main focus is providing routes throughout Asia. 

This means that many of the popular routes found on Bookaway cost next to nothing. For instance, you can travel from the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi, to stunning Halong Bay for less than $7 USD on Bookaway. The trip takes about 5 hours by bus, so that’s a little over $1 per hour. 

And the best part is that you’ll still be comfortable during the ride; the bus comes with AC, comfy seats, and even onboard WiFi. Just because you’re only paying 7 bucks does not mean you have to skimp out on comfort. If you opt for the more luxurious mode of transportation provided by Bookaway from Hanoi to Halong Bay – a limo minivan – you’ll still only be paying about $15 USD. 

With Bookaway, Sustainable Travel is Possible

Travelers are becoming more aware of their choices in terms of how these choices impact the environment. This is an amazing new development that is creating a positive impact, and Bookaway is helping to make it possible. Bookaway believes in providing eco-travel opportunities, and that is why the company focuses on four main modes of transportation. 

With Bookaway, you can easily book a train or bus ride, ferry ride, or even a private limo pickup and dropoff. However, you will have difficulty booking a flight. Air travel is actually one of the worst things you can do for the environment. Of course, we all need to do it sometimes, but whenever you can you should opt for a less environmentally-harmful mode, like ground or water transportation. Which is exactly what Bookaway provides ai images to travelers around the globe.