Postcards from the magical sunsets of Brighton

It started off in a really bad fashion.

After planning a great daytrip to Oxford and indulge on architecture and history, I came across an offer I couldn’t refuse – a friend invited me to a The Sounds concert in Brighton, the very same day I had planned my quintessential English odyssey. What’s an indie girl to do?

I woke up at dawn and explored Oxford earlier and quicker than anyone fully sound should, and I raced back to London to catch my late afternoon train to my rock event.

But you know how, hum, quick and efficient transportation in London can be…. ahem.

I almost didn’t make it in time. A few pearls of sweat on my forehead, I finally boarded my southbound train in a very inelegant yet   slightly overwhelmed  manner.

But luckily, I made it just in time for this. Simply the most magical sunset of my entire life.

sunset in brighton
sunset in brighton
sunset in brighton

I couldn’t get enough of the all the different hues, and the warm, dying rays of the sun. The mood changed so quickly I could barely keep up. It truly was the kind of sunset that surpasses what any word could possibly describe.

sunset in brighton
sunset in brighton

I may have only been in Brighton a few hours, most of them after dark, but I will never regret my decision to take my friend up on her offer. A side of me was disappointed not to have been there earlier to explore this vibrant city, but I think that in the end, I really don’t have anything to complain about (not that’s ever stopped me before).

And for those who wonder, yes, the concert was a lot of fun. I might have to kidnap Maja Ivarsson and ask her how in the world she got those legs.

Have you been to Brighton before? Are you a fan of this dynamic, indie city? Have you seen one of its sunsets?

11 Comments Postcards from the magical sunsets of Brighton

  1. Kirsten

    Looks DIVINE! I am a sucker for sunsets and this is quite the banner one indeed. Who knew Brighton could be so full of delights. I think all I know of it is what was written in Pride&Prejudice by Austen ….

  2. Claire

    LOVE those sunset shots. What is that in the first few photos, looks like some sort of building under contraction in the middle of the ocean?

  3. Rachel

    I have actually never been to Brighton but one of my good friends is from there and she is always telling me about its beaches! I can see how much she must miss it now! Great photos!

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