#FriFotos: Holy Places

Another Friday, another #FriFotos installment. This week’s theme was open to interpretation: holy places. I decided to stick to the traditional definition of it (mostly anyway), and share my favorite photos of churches around Europe and America – not an easy task, because as you might know, Europe has more than its share of churches and cathedrals, to say the least.

After living in Europe for 2 years now, I think I can even go as far as saying that I’m over-churched. As in: please please please don’t make me go into another one! I do love architecture and history, but after visiting about 394,029 religious buildings in the last few years, I can’t help but feel they all blend in together in a blurry mix of gothic, pilgrims, Protestant and other words.

Nonetheless – I do have a few favorites. Here they are:

#frifotos holy places

Westminster Abbey

The only bad thing I have to say about this Abbey is that I HATE the “no photography inside”  rule. I have a really hard time understanding that – especially since the Abbey is not exactly full of pilgrims. I had to leave the area with only an outdoor shot, but as I often say: a sunny day in London will always be an amazing photographic opportunity. And I don’t think I’m wrong with this shot.

#frifotos holy places

Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral

That’s probably the church I have the most photos of. I have been to Paris 5 times now, and I’m pretty sure I ended up somewhere near Notre-Dame-de-Paris every single time. Not only is the entry free, but it’s one of the few churches I don’t get tired of visiting. Depending on where you decide to admire it, it looks completely different. My favorite spot? On the Pont de l’Archevêché.

#frifotos holy places

Girona Cathedral

Girona was definitely the highlight of my Catalonia trip last February, and the Cathedral was definitely my favorite part. I had never seen a facade like this before!

#frifotos holy places

Ile de Ré

Not exactly holy anymore, but still reminiscent of its earlier days, the Abbaye des Châteliers is one of the prettiest sights on Ile-de-Ré. I visited in early June when the poppies were in full bloom, and it was so beautiful!

#frifotos holy places

Sagrada Familia

Without a doubt the quirkiest and most unique church I have ever visited, the Sagrada Familia is truly a work of art. I mean, have you ever seen a facade like this, with such straight lines and expressions? I can’t wait to revisit it once it’s entirely finished (somewhere in the 2020s, last time I checked).

#frifotos holy places


You might remember seeing this photo earlier this year, but I hold it too close to my heart to pass it up. The Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours chapel in Old-Montreal is one of the most important religious buildings in the city, and the prettiest one too. It’s also a very good example of smaller 1700s churches scattered in small Quebec villages.

#frifotos holy places

Sistine Chapel

Now, this photo is not exactly kosher. I didn’t steal it, but I was not exactly allowed to take it either. Photography is strictly forbidden in the Sistine Chapel, but I couldn’t resist taking a quick snap, which actually turned out pretty good considering I had to pretty much hide behind my 2 meters tall husband to take it. I mean, flash-less photography has never hurt anyone, right?

#frifotos holy places

Berliner Dom

Last, but not least, the Berliner Dom, in, you’ve guessed it, Berlin. I only spent a few days in Berlin but I really loved it, and I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit. My favorite part was walking along Unter den Linden and admiring this beautiful, grand cathedral. Surprisingly, it was only partly destroyed during WWII, but it was not brought back to its original state until the 1980s. Berliner Dom is definitely a must on any Berlin trip, if you ask me!

The #FriFotos team said we should get creative with our photos, and to conclude this post, all I have to say is:

To each girl her own holy place.

#frifotos holy places

What’s your favorite church around the world, or holy place? Are you also over-churched?

6 Comments #FriFotos: Holy Places

  1. Laura

    LOL, I love the H&M photo!

    I don’t know, maybe the Mezquita in Cordoba? I’m definitely over-churched. Actually only a few days ago I declared to my husband that I don’t want to see any more churches for a while…

  2. Laurence

    Wow, some of my favourite religious sights here! Love Notre Dame, and the Sagrada Familia is just mind blowing :) Climbed the Berlin Dom when I was there, great view from the top!


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