You guys know I love me some photography – and #frifotos is possibly the best excuse I have to completely flood this blog with travel photos. The concept is actually pretty simple:

Every Friday people from across the globe gather on Twitter to share their favorite images that match the weekly category. #FriFotos is a day-long event, and people can participate and Tweet images throughout the day.

Starting today, and then every other Friday, I’ll take part in the super fun challenge and pick my favorite shots – meaning that I really have to start working on a better way to organize them!

This week’s theme is colorful. That can be interpreted in a number of ways, but I decided to opt for the traditional approach and share my favorite bursts of color!

Peacock at Warwick Castle

I visited Warwick Castle a few weeks ago and it was SO much fun – possibly the best castle in the UK, if you ask me. I genuinely enjoyed the Tussaud wax figures, but the best part of the day was definitely the peacocks garden, with the dozen peacocks walking around and doin’ their dance lovin’.

Stained glass at Notre-Dame-de-Paris
Cupcakes at Les Glaceurs in Montreal
Colorful houses of Square Saint-Louis in Montreal

If you’re a fan of my Facebook fanpage, you’ve recognized this photo! It’s from the beautiful Square St-Louis in Montreal. The whole neighborhood of Plateau Mont-Royal has similar facades, in varying colors – which makes for a very whimsical area.

Palais des Nations, Geneva
Portobello Market goodies
Spring tulips in Amsterdam

If you think there are lots of tulips in North America in the spring, wait until you get to Europe, and Holland more specifically – there are quite literally everywhere! You can buy a pretty good bunch in just about any color you want for only a few euros.


Colorful port in Liverpool

Morocco… or southern Spain?
Colorful doors of Merrion Square, Dublin

Apparently these doors have quite a legend about them. Rumor has it that the reason behind this choice of colors is simply because Dubliners thought has it was easier to recognize a color than to remember the door number when they had a long evening at the pub (believe it or not, Irish people do that sometimes…). True or not?

What is your favorite photo, or color? Are you a fan of black and white photography?

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  1. Laura says:

    Those cupcakes look so delicious… uhhh…

  2. The pictures from Montreal and Liverpool, WOW. Your shots make these places look magical. It’s amazing!

  3. Angela says:

    Beautiful collection of pictures!

  4. Coolmon says:

    The peacock and Geneva pictures are stunning; I enjoyed viewing your images.

  5. النجاح says:

    that’s a good collection

  6. Andrew says:

    Doors are my thing. I like them.

    Riquewihr is just over the river from us. I’ve onlz been once, but it was cool. Neat to see it in colors.

  7. Wonderful photos! I especially like the shot of Montreal – the Plateau is easily one of my favourite neighbourhoods! :D

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