My Favourite Montreal Instagram Accounts

Because I am such an avid Instagrammer myself and because I do appreciate seeing my city with a different set of eyes, I spend a fair amount of time liking photos of my fellow Montreal Instagram friends. Each has a different style and focus (mine obviously  being staircases and doors!), and most importantly, each reminds me that Montreal has so many faces that I have yet to explore. Food, architecture, cafés or otherwise.


Montreal Instagram

Instigator of the #mtlcafecrawl hashtag and obvious café lover, Ali is a student hailing from Turkey and living in the McGill Ghetto. His motto, “Montreal as-is”, is a perfect reflection of his shooting style and his elegant, bright photos. I particularly enjoy seeing his trademark yellow gloves, which always make for the perfect contribution to the popular #yellowoclock hasthag.

Montreal Instagram

A Frenchie in Montreal! I started following Thibault after noticing how similar our photos were, with good reason; we only live a few blocks from each other! As any good Frenchman, Thibault’s feed partly focuses on food, but in a very photogenic way. I definitely enjoy seeing my own neighbourhood through his lens.

Montreal Instagram

One of the main things I love about my Instagram feed is observing how out-of-towners and foreigners see my hometown, what their favourite Montreal things are and what they feel defines Montreal best. Liz here obviously has a thing for good coffee, yummy eats and faded-looking photos, three things that I do enjoy myself.

Montreal Instagram

An Instagram superstar in my hometown! Martin’s trademark is his firm stance, which is always a welcomed sight in my feed, as are his keen eye for symmetry and his slightly retouched, naturally beautiful shots. And considering his 35K+ following, I can tell that I’m not the only one enjoying his work.

Montreal Instagram

Another adept of the #mtlcafecrawl game, which, as you can probably tell by now, I enjoy tremendously. This feed is  my go-to resource whenever I want to try out a new coffee shop in the city (because I frankly don’t have the time to keep up with all the new cafés opening up!), whether it’s focused on food, latte art or hipster decor.

Montreal Instagram

Phil has a way of capturing Montreal like no one else, focusing on the raw, architectural features that would otherwise go unnoticed by most of us. While most of my Instagram feed consists of Plateau Mont-Royal shots, his photos definitely stand out from the crowd by adding a new depth to my inspiration,  reminding me that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Montreal Instagram

anitaymfeng’s photos are the ultimate reflection of my own interests: picturesque Montreal buildings and indie coffee shops. I simply cannot grow tired of either of them, and this account only inspired me to go out there and shoot more of what surrounds me.

What are your favourite Montreal Instagram accounts to follow? Do you prefer unedited, faded or lively photos?

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  1. Mary-Ann Sanfaçon

    I have a request. I am organizing a national scientific meeting for the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists in June 2015 in Montreal. This is a group of PhD and MD health care professionals who work mostly in hospitals and run the clinical laboratories. I my self am at the Montreal General. At our Annual meeting this year in Charlottetown I have been asked to do a slide presentation on Montreal to entice our members to come to Montreal for the 2015 meeting. Would it be possible for me to use some of the photos posted on your site as I will be pressed for time to personally take enough photos for my presentation. I will put whatever credit note you require.


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