Instagram postcards from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

diamond jubilee photos

Original art at the Trafalgar Hotel

Last week marked one of the most important events in the recent UK Royal History: her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee after 60 years on the throne (not literally, of course).

And apparently, the British took this anniversary quite seriously.

London was all kinds of decked out for the occasion. Union Jacks hung everywhere they could possibly hang, anything that could sport a flag did, and even though some people probably thought it was tacky… I totally loved it.

diamond jubilee photos


diamond jubilee photos

The designer crownds at Harrod’s

diamond jubilee photos

Royal cupcakes at Harrod’s. YUM.

Harrod’s was definitely one of my favorite places to admire the celebrations of the Queen’s Jubilee. The food halls were covered in Union Jacks and special editions products (and potentially astronomical profits), but the coolest part is actually outside. Each window featured a crown exclusively created for the event by fancy designers like Lanvin and Ferragamo. You should definitely check it out for yourself if you’re in the area, it is really quite lovely!

The Mall was absolutely fabulous. Every lamp post had a flag, as did the famous Admiralty Arch, leading the way to the slightly overcrowded but festive Buckingham Palace. I’m sure if I had listened more closely I would’ve heard the national anthem blasting from afar…

diamond jubilee photos

The Mall

It seemed like the London pubs were in a sudden ‘I love the Queen’ mood. Some of them upgraded their decor with dozens of Union Jacks, others created a special menu for the Jubilee, but pretty much all of them were in celebratory mode. And some even organized karaoke…

diamond jubilee photos

Karaoke in Soho

I do love me a little bit of royalty. And while my opinions on monarchy as a Canadian subject isn’t what this blog is about, I genuinely enjoyed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations all over London. I drank insanely high amounts of Pimm’s in the streets of Soho to the sound of the best British pop hits of the last decades, a Union Jack in hand.

diamond jubilee photos

Harvey Nichols

diamond jubilee photos

Covent Garden

diamond jubilee photos

Union Jack overload at Covent Garden

Tacky? Probably.
But God I had a good time. And I’m not ashamed to say it.

Have you watched or participated in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? Did you travel solely for that purpose? What were your highlights?

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  1. Jeff Titelius

    Love the iReporter in you my friend! What a wonderful immersion into all the festivities that took place that day. I was glued to the TV watching the entire procession. Thx for the great post.

    Your humble loyal subject….

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