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Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza. – Dave Barry

I should probably mention right now that this post was only made possible because I have great friends that also double as beer-aficionados.

You see, I don’t like beer. Never have, and probably never will.

But I realize that I shouldn’t keep you guys away from the joy of going on a pub crawl in Montreal simply because I am probably the only retard in  the whole world who doesn’t like a good, cool pint in the evening. I’d much rather have wine! So without further ado, here are the best microbreweries and brewpubs in Montreal, tasted and approved by locals. Cheers!

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Terrasses St-Ambroise (5080 Saint-Ambroise – www)

Located right by the famous Lachine Canal, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long, hot summer day in Montreal. St-Ambroise is amongst the most popular microbrew brands in the province of Quebec, and it’s always a pleasure to go enjoy the product exactly where it came from. Founded by a Montrealer in 1988 and has never stopped growing in popularity since. The pub offers 6 different ales year-round, and a selection of seasonal ones as well.

Brouehaha (5860 de Lorimier – www in French)

The ultimate neighborhood pub, or as the English say, the local. I’ve been to this place myself a few times simply because I enjoy the friendly customer service and the obvious passion of the owner. Their inventory is composed of 95% of Quebec beers, for a total of over 300 different brands. Brouehaha also offer interesting dining options, including cheese/beer pairings, and other products available from their boutique. Just ask!

Brutopia (1219 Crescent – www)

The first brewpub in downtown Montreal! Opened in 1997, they are spread over three floors and offer an interesting Happy Hour every day from 3PM to 8PM, which includes the 8 house-brewed available on tap. Think live music, international tapas menu, intimate wooden atmosphere and the cozyness of an English pub.

Benelux (245 Sherbrooke West – www)

This brewpub, located in the heart of the University district, it very popular with both students and locals alike. Their menu changes regularly, and their ultra-modern decor makes it the perfect place to hang out after a long day wandering around Montreal.

L’Amère à boire (2049 Rue Saint Denis - www)

I have to admit that even though I’m no beer person, I love this place to bits. I’ve spent a lot of time there sipping on a Hefe Weizen (the only beer I can remotely tolerate), talking about everything and anything with friends and eating what probably are Montreal’s best French fries. The decor is all brick and wood, and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

microbreweries in montreal

Dieu du Ciel! (29 Laurier Ouest – www)

Definitely the most popular one of all microbreweries in Montreal, as per the seemingly permanent crowd that hangs out there. Dieu du Ciel! probably offers the largest selection of home brews, with some recipes dating back to the early 2000s – that just shows how much people love this place! The owner started brewing his own beer in his apartment back in 1991, and just got more and more passionate about his art. This microbrewery is all but an ode to beer, and you won’t be disappointed.

Le Cheval Blanc (809 Ontario Est – www in French)

This microbrewery is located just a few blocks away from the busy downtown area, and dates back to the 1980s. Their selection varies between their own 8 ales, and also more than 20 international and carefully handpicked beers – which only makes the ordering process that much harder, I’m told!

HELM (273 Bernard Ouest – www in French)

In the heart of the chic/hipster district, HELM (an acronym of the French words for hops, water, yeast and malt) this brewpub offers not only a great selection ales and but also gourmet bites that range from salmon tartare to deer cheeseburger, all of that in a one-of-a-kind, modern decor. YUM!

Vice & Versa (6631 Saint Laurent – www in French)

There’s no going around the fact that most people go to Vice & Versa for the gorgeous terrace – that much is true. But this brewpub offers an extensive selection of Quebec beers, from IPAs to Ales to Stouts. They also offer classic pub food with a twist, which is definitely worth a detour.


There it is, folks – the list of the best brewpubs and microbreweries in Montreal. I’ll have to visit these places more often from now on, and work on that whole ‘beer is an acquired taste’ speech… Cheers!

What’s your favorite microbreweries in Montreal? Have you ever gone on a pub crawl in the city?

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  1. What a fantastic guide – I’ll have to make use of it next time I am in Montreal!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Great list! Will remember this when I visit Montreal in the new year.

  3. Erica says:

    HOORAY BEER! (Seriously want one now.)

  4. JRinAsia says:

    I LOVE and HATE this post. Love because microbreweries are a gift from above. Hate because I’m stuck in Taiwan, where their idea of beer is yellow tinted water.

  5. Aryn says:

    I’m from Ohio and my mom really loves the breweries out west. I’ll have to point her north next time she’s looking for a good brewery!

    Driftwood and Daydreams

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  7. Vera says:

    Well, I’ve got good news for you: you are not alone – I don’t like beer either! And it’s worse, because I am German… Luckily, the Germans do all sorts of weird things with their beer, so I have mine usually as a shandy, and stay under the radar with only minor mockery coming from my peers:) I guess I’m not the perfect person for a beer pub crawl, but I do appreciate the atmosphere in a good pub – like you do with the ‘L’Amère à boire’! So maybe see you there… I’ll recognize you by the slightly sour face you make when taking tiny sips of your Hefeweizen;) Cool post!

  8. Red Hunt says:

    A superb list… almost matches one I wrote a number of months ago, so we must have the same great taste! DDC and Vice & Versa are my two top spots.

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  10. Bob says:

    Great info. We were just at Dieu du Ciel yesterday. It was our second time. Excellent beer. We have also been to Brutopia in the past.We may try one of your other recommendations today.

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