Europe has been renowned center of the culinary arts for almost as long as time. Every summer, countries around the continent showcase their traditional food and drink in thousands of festivals that spring up everywhere, from Europe’s urban metropolises to the more rustic agricultural regions. If you are a self-confessed foodie, then a visit to one such celebration of food in Europe is the Holy Grail. For more information on the visa requirements for your gastronomy-inspired trip to the Old Continent this summer, this ETIAS guide should be useful.

The United States rivals Europe when it comes to its pride in its cuisine. The diverse mix of cultures that have entered into the country during past waves of immigration has made for some fascinating food fusions that are found nowhere else on the planet. With California now a world-famous wine-producing area, there is a lot to be said for paying a visit to one of the thousands of food and wine festivals that are set to take place this summer.

This article will proceed to take you through three of the best food and wine festivals from Europe and the United States taking place this season.


1. Artusiana Food and Wine Festival

Named after Pellegrino Artusi, one of the founding fathers of Italian cuisine, the 10-day Artusiana Food and Wine Festival takes place at the end of June in the town of Forlimpopoli in northeastern Italy. The picturesque old town, with its cobbled streets and traditional architecture, becomes the crucible for a celebration of the region’s delicious gastronomy. There are also performances and other cultural events to take in as you weave in and out of the ubiquitous tasting kiosks that line the streets.

2. Viti Loire Wine and Food Festival

Taking place in France’s most prestigious wine region, the Loire Valley, this festival will provide the wine enthusiast with the tour de force of what is hot at the moment in the French wine scene. Over 150 different wine producers exhibit their wares at the festival, providing an instructive walkthrough guide of the cornucopia of grape varieties that are grown in the region.

3. Svendborg Food Festival

Scandinavia’s premier food market happens in the town of Svendborg in Denmark late in the month of June every year. Over 110 producers from all the Nordic countries, as well as Italy and Germany, come to exhibit their wares to over the 12,000 foodies in attendance. There are cooking lessons and traditional regional craft lessons for those looking to pick up a bit of local knowledge.

United States

1. Austin Food and Wine Festival

In late April every year, there is no place that the avid foodie should be if in the city of Austin than the Austin Food and Wine Festival. Some of the country’s top chef congregate to give demonstrations and tastings of their signature dishes. They also compete against each other in public cook-offs! Pricing is expensive, but if food is your one true passion, the sheer quality of the food and cooking here will not leave you wanting.

2. Taste of Chicago

The five-day Taste of Chicago festival holds the record for the world’s largest food festival. Over 2 million visitors come each year to get their mouths around a slice of traditional Chicago-style pizza and the famous Eli’s Cheesecake. There are cooking classes as well as live performances to everyone in the family occupied for a great day out. Time your trip to Chicago for the second weekend of July if you want to get involved in the festivities.

3. Bite of Seattle

Seattle has long had a reputation for its super-cool hipster vibe, and its annual food festival, Bite of Seattle fits in well with this. Taking place every July, the festival provides a space for over 200 local food vendors to showcase their culinary knowledge and expertise. Entrance is free, and there are tons of stalls offering free tastings of the best of local produce. Stick around for live music and an all-round great day out.

Each of the food and wine festivals in this article is well worth incorporating in a trip across the Atlantic this summer. Fortunately, both the United States and Europe currently offer visa waiver schemes which make it simple to gain entry. If you are a U.S. citizen, check out a guide to ETIAS for more info. If you are a European visiting the United States, learn whether you qualify by consulting an ESTA visa guide.