So, you have decided to create a new business, congratulations! The journey you are about to embark on will be an exciting one. As you go about creating your new business, you will find that there are several steps you need to take to begin as well as be successful. One of which is filing for an EIN number. This number is considered your business identification and is used to help you file your business taxes as well as track the functions of your entity. Learning how to file will help you to complete this process and get on the right track to beginning operations.

Step 1: Finding a Filing Service

The first step is to find an EIN filing service. Online filing is the best way to go as it is quick and easy to do. Gov Doc Filing is a perfect example of a resource you can use to file online.

Step 2: Choose Your Business Type

Once you access the EIN applications, you will need to choose your business type. There is a selection of entities listed including LLC, sole proprietor and more.

Step 3: Fill Out the Application

The next step is to fill out the application. A few details are needed about your business and then you click submit.

Step 4: Receive Your EIN Number

Within an hour of submitting your application, you should receive your business EIN number via email.

Step 5: Using your EIN

Once you have your new business EIN number, you are ready to get started with opening a business bank account and other essentials where this number is needed.

At any time you need assistance, support is offered 24/7 via the Gov Doc Filing site, making it easy for you to fill out paperwork and complete the process with zero issues.