Montreal’s Petite Italie: Where Food and History Intersect

Much like New Yorkers and Parisians, Montrealers are extremely attached to their neighborhood, rarely crossing its limits other than to go to work (or, gasp, venture outside the city). I, for one, was extremely proud to call Plateau Mont-Royal my home for the last seven years, and I would gladly spill every bit of knowledge I… Continue reading

Griffintown: Montreal’s Newest Place to Be

Few districts of Montreal have changed as drastically as Griffintown has over the past five years; from semi-deserted and post-industrial, Griffintown has indeed blossomed into a vibrant new Montreal locale, with nothing to envy lively Villeray or hipster Mile End. Deserted warehouses have made way to locally-sourced cafés, celebrity-chef restaurants and independently-owned specialty shops. In a nutshell, Griffintown has gone… Continue reading

Instagram Postcards from Scotland

As a Britophile I always had a bottomless fascination for Scotland (some would argue that Scotland isn’t British much, but that’s a story for another time). Something about the slow living, the dramatic landscapes and their wholesome, no-nonsense approach to life intrigued me; and I can’t say I was disappointed when I finally got there…. Continue reading

Instagram Postcards from Fort Lauderdale

Those of you are lucky enough to that have spent the winter away from Montreal or the north-eastern part of America really have no idea what us Northerners have just gone through. 6 months of darkness, subfreezing temperatures (literally — we’ve gone far below the -30 degrees mark several times) and several feet of snow have made… Continue reading

On Becoming a Home Owner: Celebratory Drinks at La Champagnerie

“I drink champagne when I win, to celebrate… And I drink champagne when I lose, to console myself.” -Napoleon Bonaparte While some people freely democratize champagne, I, for one, think it should always be enjoyed on special occasions. Few things are more festive than champagne (in fact, I can’t think of any!), so when Momondo… Continue reading

Montreal’s Best Cheap Flights Finder: an Interview with Yulair’s Mastermind

Being based in Montreal has a lot of upsides (I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that I love my town) but unfortunately, it also comes with its own set of downsides. Nothing is ever perfect! One of the biggest flaws is everything that pertains to travelling outside the city: the airport is quite difficult… Continue reading